Maintenance Repair & Overhauling

AxRUST4™ is an EXCELLENT MRO (Maintenance Repair Overhaul) product in its unmatched Quality, Reliability and Adaptability for numerous industrial, automotive, and domestic applications

Inhibits Rust: Protects metals such as motor cycle parts, automobile under hood parts, antiques, bicycle parts, tool kits, household metal objects etc.

Cleans metal surface from rust, grease and contaminants.

Loosens and lubricates: Penetrates the metal to lubricate and loosen tight assemblies such as nuts, bolts, knobs, and bearings, automobile and domestic fixtures etc.

Displaces moisture: Drives out moisture on the surface.

Special Features:

  • CFC free
  • Silicon Free
  • Multi degree of freedom while spraying


500 ml/250 Ml/125 Ml


  • 35 litres
  • 210 litres


  • Automotive
  • Domestic
  • Industrial & Heavy Machinery