Become a distributor of HNTI

Grow your business with ZerustĀ®, the world’s premier corrosion inhibiting product brand. Zerust is distributed and supported in more than 60 countries worldwide and used by more than 2,000 major companies globally. With the Zerust global presence, reputation, unique sales approach and corrosion management expertise, we are certain Zerust will augment your current business with a valuable growth platform and new customers.

Why Sell HNTI & Zerust Products?

  • Repeat Sales – Zerust is consumable and most customers place repeat orders
  • Competitive Pricing – Frequently review margins to ensure we are competitive
  • Expertise – Worldwide onsite corrosion management support and service
  • Account Services – Dedicated Account Specialist for one point of contact
  • Support – Ongoing support, training and services

Comprehensive Line of Products

Zerust is the inventor of Zerust VCI corrosion inhibiting film, and is the global leader in poly VCI sales. We offer hundreds of stock items and a full line of corrosion management products:

  • Zerust VCI Film, Bags and Kraft Paper
  • Zerust VCI Diffusers and Powders
  • Zerust Corrosion Inhibitor Liquids and Coatings
  • Zerust Rust Removers

HNTI Sales Support

Your dedicated Sales Manager and Account Specialist strive to provide your team with hassle-free and fast service that includes:

  • Product recommendations and training
  • Product training for you and your key customers
  • Sales approach training and co-traveling
  • Bid or quote assistance
  • Participation in presentation of Zerust to your key customers
  • General or basic technical problem solving
  • Competitive analysis
  • Product samples and literature support

HNTI Technical Support

Our highly experienced and resourceful technical support representatives can provide your team with fast, accurate solutions to your customer’s technical questions and problems. Examples of tools employed by our technical support personnel are:

  • Process Mapping
  • Fluid Sampling
  • Lab Corrosion Testing
  • Package Design Review
  • Production Review
  • Supply Chain Review