Axxawash I MMW


Zerust AXXAWASH I MMW is a neutralizing, aqueous, low alkaline, low foaming, Ferrous and Aluminum cleaner containing biodegradable surfactants and corrosion inhibitors.


  • 19 Litres
  • 35 Litres
  • 210 Litres

Protection Types:

  • Mainly for use on ferrous-based alloys, stainless steel and Aluminum alloys. Test prior to use on non-ferrous alloys.
  • Applicable and compatible for Plastic bin cleaning.

Protection Life:

  • Up to 60 hours in Climatic chamber as per IEC 68-2-30 on 1010 steel panels at 3% concentration in DM water and in fresh conditiononly.
How To Use
correct2 wrong2 Apply via immersion, ultrasonic, spray, pressurized spray.
correct3 wrong3 Application temperature: 77° - 140°F (25 - 60°C)