Axxatec 80C


Axxatec 80C protects ferrous metals such as iron, steel and cast iron for up to one year under shelter.

Zerust® Axxatec™ 80C is a water-based rust preventative system containing our proven corrosion inhibiting technology. Axxatec 80C protects metals such as iron, steel and cast iron for up to one year under shelter. Axxatec 80C is a dry to touch rust preventative coating and is safe for use on painted surfaces, rubber seals, and plastics.

Zerust Axxatec 80C is conveniently offered as a concentrate to allow the user to dial-in the desired protection. The concentrate saves money in shipping and is safe and environmentally friendly. Use it to protect bare metal surfaces during assembly, large equipment during temporary storage, and in situations where water-based spray-on, in-line production or dipping applications are desired.


  • 19 Litres
  • 208 Litres
  • (Sold as concentrate)

Protection Types:

Protects ferrous metals such as iron, steel, and cast iron.

Protection Life:

Axxatec 80C will protect properly coated metals from 6-12 months under shelter depending on concentrate.

How To Use
Wear correct protective gear and gloves. Start with a clean and dry part.

Coat the part evenly on all surfaces by immersing, spraying or brushing on coating.

Brush, Roller or Wipe on

Drip or hang-dry part until no dripping liquid is noted.

Keep your part clean and rust free in shipping or storage with additional protection from Zerust VCI Packaging products.