Ze-VERP 2WX – Wax based

Ze-VERP 2WX is low viscosity rust preventive designed for Work-In-Process (WIP) and in-plant/domestic in-transit corrosion protection. Ze-VERP 2WX provides excellent corrosion protection against aggressive environments (such as salt air, high temperatures etc.) for ferrous metals. It leaves a thin waxy film on metal surface which is non-sticky and easily removable.


  • 19 Litres
  • 35 Litres
  • 210 Litres

Protection Types:

Ferrous metal type only

Protection Life:

  • Domestic Shipments: Up to 2 years with Zerust VCI packaging and in hermetically sealed boxes
  • Export Shipments: Up to 1 year with Zerust VCI packaging and in hermetically sealed boxes
How To Use
Wear correct protective gear and gloves. Start with a clean and dry part.

Coat the part evenly on all surfaces by immersing, spraying or brushing on coating.

Brush, Roller or Wipe on

Drip or hang-dry part until no dripping liquid is noted.

Keep your part clean and rust free in shipping or storage with additional protection from Zerust VCI Packaging products.