VCI Non-ferrous Film

Zerust®/Excor® VCI Non-ferrous Film provides costeffective and versatile protection against corrosion damage for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and galvanized steel in shipping and storage.


Zerust film is available upon request. Contact our manager for pricing and availability.

Protection Metal Types:

Protects non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and galvanized.

Application Type:

  • Storage
  • Shipping
  • Work in progress


  • Effective corrosion protection and packaging combined in one step
  • Metals are ready for use and assembly directly out of the packaging
  • Available with ESD protection
  • Provides safe and effective Zerust VCI protection
How To Use
correct1wrong1 Pack only clean and dry parts.
correct2 wrong2 Always wear clean and dry gloves when handling metal parts to protect from corrosion causing fingerprints.
correct3 wrong3 When packing, the temperature of the parts should be about the same as the room temperature to avoid condensed moisture.
correct4 wrong4 Tightly close packages with tape, heat seal, zip ties or by folding over. Reseal after every use.
correct5 wrong5 Insert additional Allbright materials as interleave for added protection in larger, tightly packed or layered packages.
correct6 wrong6 Avoid direct contact of metal with wood, paper, or cardboard (sources of moisture and acid). Cover intermediate layers with Zerust.